Micro Level Strategies for Successful Garment Exports

Achieving success in Garment exports apart from the requirement of good quality of garments and timely delivery, many other factors are also to be considered. Strategic long term planning or short term planning is required for overall success. Keeping the Indian textile and garment sector scenario in mind, the strategies for win-win situation for exports are framed. The greatest advantage of India is that, it has its own source of fabrics like cotton, khadi, silk, wool and synthetic fibres. Also the wide variety of handicrafts and craftsmanship is an added advantage. This country has the capacity to steer clear competitiveness at an international level. Certain Micro level strategies have been framed in order to achieve success in garment exports which are as follows: indian cam girls

Maintenance of fabric quality

The most important aspect for achieving success in garment export is the sustaining the fabric quality. There are many quality control procedures followed for inspection of the fabric right from the stage of weaving, processing, garmenting and finishing of the garments. Thus such type of quality check when done at each and every step of manufacturing of the garments, it would certainly ensure fabric of high quality.

Manufacturing and product quality warranty

By adopting advanced software business solutions like CAD-CAM in garment manufacturing difficulties in patterning or in development of certain products can be overcome. These software are of great use and help garment exporters to enhance businesses. One more thing related to this aspect is to proportionate the ratio of supervisors to the number of laborers, this would ensure better supervision quality. The supervisors should be well trained and have complete know-how about their work. From designing to final finished garments taking care of these things would ultimately result into manufacturing and product quality assurance.

Product variations

To maintain the interest and competitiveness it is important to present product diversification in the garments to be exported. There are many ways to add the element of newness to your collection like introducing range of garment collection season-wise i.e. spring-summer collection, autumn-winter collection, etc. Also variety could be added in terms of segmenting the garments like nightwear, evening wear, corporate clothing, lingerie, casual wear, etc.

Managing the lead time

As the saying says time is money, the time taken from order taken to delivery of goods should be minimized in order to reduce the total lead time. It is important to improve the element of time in order management as it gives the opportunity to the manufacturer to provide timely delivery of garments during the season, and also enhances the competitive edge of the exporter in international market.

Development of Indian designs and fabrics

Indian fabrics, designs and prints are catching the attention of designers all over the world. This can be used as an added advantage by the Indian garment exporters. Garment exporters of India in alliance with designers of India itself or designers abroad could successfully promote the usage of Indian fabrics and handicrafts.