From the Classics to Modern Board Games

If you still have fond memories of the classic games such as Risk or Monopoly but want to try a new game, this is the article for you. Here, we list a variety of classic board games and newer board games that have many of the same aspects that made you love the classics in the first place.

Real estate development to make your fortune is the hallmark of Monopoly. Add in a dash (or a ton) of luck, and this venerable board game is probably the game that introduced the world of board gaming to the majority of players. So if you enjoyed Monopoly, try:

– Basari – In Basari, players are now merchants competing to purchase the most precious gems to make their fortunes in this 3 round game. With a specific number of rounds, this game has the advantage over Monopoly in that it is unlikely to last for hours on end.

– Bohnanza – in Bohnanza, players balance the growing of their beans with its sale. Trading is a huge a part of this game, which is a great for those who would prefer a higher level of interaction than the traditional Monopoly game would like.

– Modern Art – Modern Art is an auction based game where players take on the role of art dealers. An extremely different playing system from the classic Monopoly game, this game focuses on the players ability to balance strategic decisions on what art pieces to keep and what to sell. Definitely more dynamic than Monopoly with little luck in the actual game play.

In Risk, players struggled to take over the world. Globe spanning conquest is the name of the game here, with players in control of vast armies in a true world war. What it lacked in graphics and variation, it more than made up with sheer potential. Too bad it took forever to actually finish a game. So for other world conquering games try:

– Battlelore – a two player game, Battlelore zooms in on the conflict between two armies, taking the battle one step down. With multiple units and abilities available, each battle can be made unique and a struggle worthy of any Alexander in the making. joker123

– Memoir ’44 – recreate the most significant battles of World War II. If you think you can do better than Rommel, Patton and McCarthy, this is the game for you.

– Axis & Allies (Revised)- World War II is in your hands, this time with multiple players involved. The venerated Axis & Allies game system has been updated and made all the better in this game.

Chess – the game of kings. Few rules but incredible levels of strategy. This is a game where there is no luck, just deep logical thinking required. It’s hard to beat such a classic, but here are a few that bring their own flavor to these deep strategy games:

– Blokus – Tetris on a fixed board with competing players. That’s Blokus for you – simple rules dominate how you play the game but long range planning required to both cut-off your competitors as well as score the most points

– Ingenious – Reiner Knizai’s award winning game, this game reminds me greatly of ‘Go’. Tons of fun with simple rules for placement but deep complexity in strategy.

– Oshi – in Oshi, you attempt to push off 7 points worth of your opponents pieces using pieces of your own. Pieces come in a variety of sizes/points from 1 to 3 with a piece worth more points able to push any piece smaller than it. Simple, elegant rules but quite a high level of strategy. Great fun for all ages.

The classic party game – get a word and draw it, trying to get everyone else on your team to guess what it is you are drawing. Still a crowd favorite, there are other games that are just as fun such as:

– Wits and Wagers – Tired of people who know everything? Well, Wits and Wagers lets you even things out with the ability to bet on the answers that you know. A unique way of balancing out the game, now all you need to win is to know what you know.

– Apples to Apples – possibly the party game, Apples to Apples requires each player to describe how their adjectives fit the noun just drawn. Guaranteed laughs as players do their best to stretch the plausible.

– Bang! – Spaghetti Westerns come alive in this card game. The rules are relatively simple to follow and become even more interesting with fake Western accents thrown in. Will you be the faithful Deputy or the Outlaw? The best part of Bang!? How cheap it is.

– Lupus in Tabula- not a drawing game, this card game is great fun for large groups of people as it is relatively fast moving and yet even the ‘dead’ can take part. Hunt down the werewolves and try not to hang too many of the villagers.